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Nome VA - 100 Hits Northern Soul (2009) (Opus ~128) [Only2]
Torrent VA - 100 Hits Northern Soul (2009) (Opus ~128) [Only2]
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Performer = Various Artists

Year = 2009

Genre = Soul

Format = Opus ~128

100 Hits Northern Soul (CD 1)

Al Wilson - The snake
Barbara Acklin - Am I the same girl.
Charlie Rich - Love is after me
Dobie Gray - Out on the floor
Gia Mateo - If you can't say anything nice
Gloria Edwards - My love keeps getting stronger
Jackie Wilson - The who who song
James & Bobby Purify - Shake a tail feather
Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon - (Blame it) On the pony express
Judy Street - What
Laura Greene - Moonlight music and you
Little Richard - I don't want to discuss it
Nancy Ames - I don't want to talk about it
Persuaders - I'm so glad, I got you
Robert Knight - Love on a mountain top
Roscoe Robinson - That's enough
Sandi Sheldon - You're gonna make me love you
Sue Lynne - Don't pity me
The Bandwagon - Breakin' down the walls of heartache
The Cavaliers - Hold on to my baby

100 Hits Northern Soul (CD 2)

Barbara Acklin - Love makes a woman
Beverley Ann - You've got your mind on other things
Chairmen of the Board - Give me just a little more time
Freda Payne - Band of gold
Gene Chandler - Mr. Big Shot
Gloria Edwards - Lonely girl
Herb Ward - Honest to goodness
Jackie Wilson - I get the sweetest feeling
Just Brothers - Sliced tomatoes
Little Richard - A little bit of something (Beats a whole lot of nothing)
Lou Courtney - Tryin' to find my woman
Philly Devotions - I just can't say goodbye
Robert Knight - Branded!
Rose Valentine - I've gotta know right now
Sharon Scott - I'd like to know
Spiral Starecase - More today than yesterday
Stanley Mitchell - Get it baby
Tyrone Davis - Turn back the hands of time
Walter Jackson - Let me come back
Willie Mitchell - That driving beat

100 Hits Northern Soul (CD 3)

Al Greene & The Soul Mate's - Don't leave me
Beverley Ann - He's coming home
Billy Butler - Right track
Bob Brady & the Con Chords - Everybody's goin' to the love-in
Chairmen of the Board - (You've got me) Dangling on a string
Don Ray - Born a loser
Erma Franklin - Whispers (Gettin' louder)
Jack Montgomery - Dearly beloved
James & Bobby Purify - Let love come between us
Metros - I'll never forget you
Paul Anka - I can't help loving you
Shane Martin - I need you
Sharon Scott - It's better
Shirley & The Shirelles - Look what you've done to my heart
Susan Barrett - What's it gonna be
The Artistics - Nothing but heartaches (Keep haunting me)
The Charmaines - Eternally
The Ivories - Please stay
The M.V.P.'s - Turnin' my heartbeat up
Willie Kendrick - Change your ways

100 Hits Northern Soul (CD 4)

Billy Butler - Burning touch of love
Billy Thompson - Black-Eyed girl
Erma Franklin - Gotta find me a lover (24 hours a day)
Gerri Granger - I go to pieces (Everytime)
Johnny Moore - Walk like a man
Ketty Lester - Some things are better left unsaid
Major Lance - Ain't no soul (Left in these old shoes)
Marvin Smith - Have more time
Morris Chestnut - Too darn soulful
Peggy March - If you loved me
The Cooperettes - Shing-A-Ling
The Exciters - Blowing up my mind!
The Insiders - I'm just a man
The Metros - Since I found my baby
The Seven Souls - I still love you
The Spellbinders - Help me (Get myself back together again)
The Van Dykes - Save my love for a rainy day
The Vibrations - Gonna get along without you now
Tyrone Davis - One-Way ticket
Willie Kendrick - You can't bypass love

100 Hits Northern Soul (CD 5)

Bill Bush - I'm waiting
Billy Joe Royal - Heart's desire
Dean Courtney - I'll always need you
Fred Hughes - Baby boy
James Carr - That's what I want to know
Jimmy Radcliffe - Long after tonight is all over
Johnny Jones & The King Casuals - Purple haze
Kenny Carter - What's that on your finger.
Major Lance - You don't want me no more
Otis Leavill - Love uprising
Porgy & The Monarchs - That girl
Reparata and the Delrons - Panic
Roy Hamilton - Crackin' up over you
Shirley Ellis - Soul time
The Glories - I worship you baby
The Masqueraders - Do you love me baby
The Montclairs - I Just can't get away
The Vibrations - 'Cause you're mine
Tobi Legend - Time will pass you by
Willie Hutch - Lucky to be loved by you

Categoria Audio / Music
Dimensione 252.22 MB
Data 11/10/2020
Uploader V.I.P.Only2try💗
Distributori: 4, Ricettori: 4 = 8 Nodi, Down = 8 volte
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